Jam Policy:

We love our musicians. We want to promote your talents as much as we can, but hey we only have so much stage space and time and our audiences and venues have demands as well. Thus we offer the following policies to try and accommodate as many folks as possible.

The LVBS generally hosts 3 open blues jams per month. The jams are hosted by local Blues bands, booked by our Programming Trustees. The Host Band usually plays the first set, for about 60 minutes. blues musicians are then invited up to jam, with their band, or with the band on stage at the time.

There is a sign up sheet. Write down your name and instrument, and say hello to the Jam Host. His name is Monk. Monk has been running jams for many years and he does his best to make sure everyone gets to play within reason. Being rude to him will not help your cause.

The Host Band will share their gear assuming it is treated with respect. If you want to bring your amp, pedals, or whatever, please remember that changeovers need to be fast and smooth.. the simpler the better. ie. Your guitar should be in tune Before you get on stage.

Each artist can generally play 2-3 songs, but the Jam Host makes the call and reserves the right to cancel the artist for any reason he sees fit. The LVBS will support the Jam Host in all decisions made in this regard.



Host bands are picked by our Jam Host in conjunction with our Programming Trustees by considering a number of factors: 1) Current LVBS Band Membership 2) Known Talent and Audience Draw 3) Haven’t Recently Played 4) Have a Full 5 Piece Band preferably including keys.

Want to be a host? Well, first show up to a jam with your band and show us your stuff. Second, be aware that jamming with unknown talent and/or playing potentially unknown songs to you, is very different than playing your own band’s songs. Know your keys, how to transpose them, and know how to take cues from musicians of varying musical abilities. Think you got the stuff? Com on, then! Let’s jam!

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