The mission of the Las Vegas Blues Society (LVBS) is to promote and preserve the blues music genre. In the spirit of this mission, the Board of Trustees (Board) of the LVBS offers benefits exclusively to those bands that identify and promote themselves as being a band that plays blues music in at least 75% of their band’s typical show setlist. A band that joins the LVBS as a Blues Band Member or BBM will include one or more of the following types of music:

Chicago Blues, Detroit Blues, St. Louis Blues, Delta Blues, Memphis Blues, Old RnB, Skiffle, Gospel, Blues Rock, Country Blues, Boogie-Woogie, Dirty Blues, Hill Country Blues, Electric Blues, Jump Blues, Kansas City Blues, West Coast Blues, New Orleans Blues, Zydeco, Piedmont Blues, Soul Blues, Swamp Blues, and Texas Blues. This list may not be all inclusive and the LVBS Board Programming personnel reserve the right to determine if a band meets the criteria for BBM inclusion on a case-by-case basis.

Current individual Single Members in good standing, may upgrade to a BBM for the cost of the difference of the membership. The expiration date of the upgraded membership will remain the date of the individual membership and the upgrade does not include another t-shirt.

The benefit breakdown is as follows:

Blues Band Member (BBM)
1. Mentorship/Networking
2. T-Shirt for BBM point of contact.
3. Voting rights for BBM point of contact.
4. A photo ad on the LVBS Website under the BBM Heading with links to their band’s web pages.
5. BBM can post their Events (gig by gig, not recurring) on the LVBS’ Instagram, Facebook Group, and Facebook Page.
6. LVBS Board members to share BBM Events when possible to their personal pages and other Facebook Groups and the LVBS Instagram.
7. BBM Events submitted to the Board will be entered and highlighted on the LVBS Website Calendar.
8. BBM monthly gigs will be listed individually in the LVBS Newsletter with digital links if and when possible to their Facebook RSVP.
9. An occasional article will be published in the LVBS Newsletter about the history of the band.
10. Merchandizing services offered when possible during BBM events.
11. BBMs will receive booking priority for LVBS sponsored events.
12. BBMs will have potential LVBS Jam hosting opportunities.
13. BBMs to receive priority gig referrals to outside agencies looking for blues bands.
14. BBMs potentially eligible for full Musician Emergency Relief fund benefits (separate policies apply).
15. Official welcome to the LVBS on LVBS Social Media and Newsletter upon joining.

Revised June 19, 2018