MINUTES of the Las Vegas Blues Society Board of Trustees, 5 November 2013


5 November 2013


Present: Mike Erickson (president); Jeff Kallman (secretary); Kurt Gepke (treasurer);

              Barbra Gress, Mark Medina, Tina Merced, Carol Nashe (trustees).

Proxies: Rockin’ Billy Gress (held by Barbra Gress); Pat Bear (held by Mike Erickson).


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. 5 November 2013.




              a) The minutes for the Board meeting of 2 October 2013 were approved unanimously.



              a) Treasurer Gepke reports $1162.13 in the General Fund; $492.31 in the Musicans’

                  Emergency Relief Fund (MERF); $35 in undeposited funds; and, $96.60 available

                  in the Society PayPal account. This makes an aggregate $1,786.04.


              b) Trustee Merced says as of tonight’s meeting the Society has 130 members.


              c) Treasurer Gepke and Secretary Kallman will go to the bank to open the account for

                  the Julius E. Funches Memorial Fund with $500 earmarked previously for the former

                  blues scholarship. The board discusses ideas for getting word forth not just about

                  the fund and its contributions but the Society itself.


              d) The Treasurer’s Report was approved unanimously.



              a) The board discusses options for a Christmas party joining to our Cellar event

                  20 December.


              b) The board agrees to spend $20 for a “soft” Facebook advertisement and to consider

                  spending up to $200 on the party itself.



              a) Secretary Kallman will continue putting notices calling for a volunteer Webmaster

                  for the Society Website until a volunteer comes forward.


              b) Secretary Kallman reminds the board that notice for the coming Board elections

                  will go forth in early December, this year, by way of the newsletter.


              c) The Board agrees unanimously that any Board communications to the membership                     will be seen by three trustees before they are published.



              a) Trustee Gress calls for contributing something to stricken performer Lady J

                  Huston at the benefit show 12 November for her medical relocation to St. Louis.


              b) The Board agrees to contribute $200 from MERF to Lady J Huston.



              a) President Erickson says other venues such as Shakespeare’s in Henderson

                 and Jalisco Cantina (formerly Super Mex) are interested in hosting Society

                 blues jams. He also says Jalisco Cantina is very interested in hosting a Society

                 jam starting earlier than the normal 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. start times.



               a) The Board adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

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MINUTES of the Las Vegas Blues Society Board of Trustees, 2 October 2013

Minutes of the Las Vegas Blues Society Board of Trustees Meeting

2 October 2013

Present: Mike Erickson (President); Jeff Kallman (Secretary); Tina Merced, Pat Bearden (trustees); proxies—President Erickson for Kurt Gepke (Treasurer), Mark Medina (trustee).

I) Call to Order

    A) The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

II) Treasurer’s Report

   A) Treasurer Gepke’s report indicates $2,274.01 in the Society

       checking account; $235.04 in the Musician’s Emergency Relief

       Fund (MERF) account; aggregate total: $2509.05. There is also

       $48.30 in the Society’s PayPal account, with an available balance

       of $24.15.


I) From Scholarship to Memorial Fund

   A) Secretary Kallman moved to rescind his previously approved motion

       to rename the LVBS’s blues scholarship after the late Julius E.

       Funches; and, to re-designate a Julius E. Funches Memorial Fund,

       whose contributions and monies can and will be disbursed as

       needed or warranted by vote of the Board. Such monies can be

       disbursed not only toward a blues scholarship but schools’ music

       supplies and equipment.

   B) President Erickson notes the Society already has $500 in the original

       scholarship program, and that—under the new motion—that $500 can

       be moved to the new memorial fund as a foundation. (He notes Julius

       Funches himself was involved in music in the schools while he worked

       for the Clark County School District.)

   C) The new motion is approved unanimously.


I) Las Vegas Blues Society T-Shirts

  A) President Erickson moves to authorise Treasurer Gepke to pay for more

  Society T-Shirts when Trustee Barbra Brannen orders them.

  B) The motion is approved unanimously.

II) Discussion of Society-logoed Merchandise Sales

   A) Trustee Merced says coffee mugs, cell phone cases, and martini glasses

        looked to be the early favourites.

   B) Secretary Kallman suggests spending another month continuing to offer

        the original items obtained by Trustee Brannen to see which prove the most

        popular offerings long range.

   C) The Board agrees informally to continue monitoring merchandise sales at

        coming events.

III) Membership Mixer Meeting

   A) The Board agrees to conduct the next general membership mixer at 9 p.m.

        18 October at the Cellar Lounge, West Sahara Ave. This will be a meet-and-

        greet between the Board and the general membership, and the general

        membership among each other, an hour before the Society’s 18 October

        open blues jam with the Bunkhouse Blues Band.

IV) Adjournment

     A) The Board adjourned the meeting at 7:36 p.m. The next Board of Trustees

          meeting will be held Tuesday, 5 November 2013.

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MINUTES of the Las Vegas Blues Society Board of Trustees, 2 September 2013

Minutes of the Las Vegas Blues Society Board of Trustees Meeting

3 September 2013


Present: Mike Erickson (president), Jeff Kallman (secretary); Kurt Gepke (treasurer);

              Gene Anderson, Pat Bear, Barbra Brannen, Tina Merced (trustees); Pat

              Herrera (member).

Absent: Dennis (Monk) Andraccio, Rockin’ Billy Gress, Mark Medina, Carol Nashe


Proxies: President Erickson holds proxy for Trustee Medina; Trustee Brannen holds

              proxy for Trustee Gress.


              A) The minutes of the Board meeting of 6 August 2013 were approved unanimously.



              A) Treasurer Gepke reported $2,608.99 in the Society’s bank account; $235.00 in the

                  Society’s Musicians’ Emergency Relief Fund (MERF) account; $24.15 in the Society’s

                  PayPal account; and, $25.00 in checks yet to deposit.


              B) Trustee Merced reported 130 Society members as of tonight’s meeting.


              C) The Treasurer’s report is approved unanimously. (Note: The “ship” option on PayPal

                   is explained to Trustees Anderson and Merced regarding Society T-shirts.)



              A) Secretary Kallman proposes that the pending Las Vegas Blues Society Blues Scholarship be

                  renamed the Las Vegas Blues Society’s Julius E. Funches Memorial Blues Scholarship, in

                  memory of our friend and supporter in the wake of his unexpected death in August.


              B) The motion is approved unanimously.



              A) President Erickson reminds the board the 20 September Cellar jam is a “rerun” for the Ruffnecks

                  as the anchor band, because they had been rained out (power failures) of their scheduled

                  LVBS jam at the Cellar in August.


              B) President Erickson proposes each of our forthcoming Cellar jams be preceded by a general

                  Society membership meeting, an hour before the jam evening begins. The proposal is approved.


              C) The Society is going to look for other venues for the monthly jam in light of Saddle ‘n’ Spurs

                  deciding not to deal with the Society anymore in view of the Society’s decision to cut back

                  on jam nights.


              D) President Erickson discusses his idea of having the Society’s monthly non-jam event become

                  themed events—delta blues night, women in blues night, etc. These events could be events or

                  invitational jams in terms of the band or bands featuring at the events inviting selected guest

                  musicians to play.


              E) Secretary Kallman discusses the makeup of jams, and discusses making our future jams invitational

                  jams to the extent of ruling that only Society members should be allowed to jam. Trustee Brannen

                  suggests in the event of a band turning up to jam at least one member of the band should be a

                  Society member. Treasurer Gepke and Trustee Brannen discuss the idea of Society members

                  getting bandstand priority as jammers.


              F) The issue of jam makeup, and whether to give Society members bandstand priority, is tabled for

                  further discussion at the next Board meeting.


              G) Treasurer Gepke suggests musicians the Society works with think about instructional sessions

                  for younger musicians who can’t come to jams in nightclubs. President Erickson notes Trustee

                  Medina continues working on the “blues camp” idea for such accommodations.



              A) President Erickson notes the Moanin’ Blacksnakes’ anniversary show at Tommy Rockers will

                  include a portion of the proceeds going to the MERF fund.



              A) Trustee Brannen, a wholesaler by profession, introduces potential items for sale with the Society

                   imprint with Trustee Merced.


              B) Items under consideration include travel mugs, coffee mugs, leather cases, martini glasses. They

                  can be purchased with a Society logo or imprint at a rate of $459 for three hundred pieces.


              C) Trustee Brannen says they can be made available by 20 September.


              D) A motion to present these items for sale at a Society event is approved.



              A) Trustee Bear has offered to paint the Musicians Emergency Relief Fund (MERF) donations bucket

                  in a decorative pattern to help attract contributions at Society event.



              A) The meeting adjourned at 8:08 PM. The Board agreed to meet the first Wednesday of October

                  to accommodate some members’ plans to attend another event.

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MINUTES of the Las Vegas Blues Society Board of Trustees, 2 July 2013

Present: Mike Erickson (President); Jeff Kallman (Secretary); Rick Blauer (Treasurer); Gene Anderson, Dennis (Monk) Andraccio, Barbra Brannen, Rockin’ Billy Gress, Mark Medina, Tina Merced, Carol Nashe (Trustees);
Kurt Gepke (LVBS member sitting in on the meeting).

The meeting convened at 7:00 p.m. at Bar 702.


The minutes of the 4 June LVBS Board meeting were approved unanimously.


A) Treasurer Blauer reports there is $1,440.12 in the Society checking account; $218.01 in the Society’s Musicians’ Emergency Relief Fund (MERF); and, the Society’s bills for June have been paid.

B) The Society as of 4 June 2013 has 76 members and over 300 membership expirations. Secretary Kallman notes one new prospective member wanted to sign at the most recent Society open jam but had only a credit card so she would sign up through the Society Website.

C) The treasurer’s report was approved unanimously.


President Erickson disclosed a thank-you note from Lady J Huston for putting the minutes in the LVBS Newsletter, and three calls from Society members saying they applaud the minutes being published in the Newsletter.


A) International Blues Day
1)  Trustee Medina spoke of the worldwide movement to have 3 August recognised as International Blues Day. He said the LVBS could either remain status quo for the date, listing our regular first Saturday open jam in dedication to the date; or, the Society could host a live music event in honour of the date with a special cover charge/donation.
 a) Secretary Kallman noted the semi-short notice of the date and suggested getting two bands to perform at the event might be easier than trying for three or four bands.
b) Trustees Medina and Nashe noted August as a slow month, normally, meaning there might be little difficulty in getting bands for the event.
c) Treasurer Blauer noted the total operating budget for such an event, covering the payment to each band playing a single set, is $300.
d) Trustee Medina noted the event could be hoisted as well as part of the Society’s membership drive, including posting an International Blues Day logo on the Society Website.

2) Motion by Trustee Medina, seconded by Trustee Nashe, to make the Society’s 3 August monthly Saturday jam at Bar 702 an International Blues Day even, instead, with two bands to perform, and a $5 cover charge.

3) The motion was approved unanimously. The Board discussed further and agreed that the band originally scheduled for the monthly jam would be offered a slot on the IBD bill and, if they declined due to the lesser fee, anchoring a future jam at Bar 702.

B) Expired Memberships
1) Trustee Medina said he would reach out to expired members by way of the Society’s Constant Contact communications.

2) Visiting member Grepke agrees to take part in an outreach to re-sign expired members, find new members, and communicates with providers of grant monies to 501(c)3 organisations such as the Society.

C) Website Calendar Access
1) President Erickson raised the question of Website Calendar access after receiving questions about trouble bringing the calendar up. Treasurer Blauer noted the issue is usually with Smartphone/iPad application updates, not with personal computers or laptops, and that the basic site structure for the Calendar is sound.

D) Membership Signups at LVBS Jam Nights
1) Trustee Grisanti, who handles membership signups at Society jams, asked for additional help in manning each event’s membership table.

E) Listing Gigs on the Calendar Involving Non-Las Vegas Musicians
1) Treasurer Blauer discusses a series of e-mails involving former Las Vegas musician Harry Nino (a.k.a. Harry O), who asked for an out-of-area gig to be listed on the site Calendar. The Treasurer noted the procedure in place as long as the Society has maintained its Website Calendar: a performer either plays regular Las Vegas gigs; or, a performer is a Las Vegas-based performer playing regional blues gigs. The Society defines “regional” is defined as the area of southern Nevada, Kingman, AZ, and Cedar City, UT.
2) Trustee Nashe suggested listing the specified criteria for Calendar listing explicitly on the Website.
3) Visiting member Gepke suggested levying a small charge for musicians listing out-of-state gigs. Treasurer Blauer notes that would clog a system designed to promote Las Vegas musicians and Las Vegas/southern Nevada blues performances.

F) Website Front Page
1) Members agree informally that the front page of the site should include new information and material on a more regular basis.

The meeting adjourned at 7:37 pm.

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