October 2015 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 8:15 pm by President Jeff Kallman
PRESENT: Jeff Kallman ( president), Marcia Frank (secretary), Parick Herrera (treasurer), Tina Merced, membership, Trustees: Patty Laird, Z Lipsky.
ABSENT: Gene Anderson, Barbara Gress, Rockin’ Billy Gress, Pat Bear, Dennis (Monk) Andraccio.
 The minutes of the September 14, 2015 board meeting were approved unanimously.
 Las Vegas Blues Society funds total $863.10, an increase of $370.00 received from PayPal.
 Treasurer Herrera has not received Blues Society jam fees of $50 for each of the past three months. President Kallman will deposit the funds into Chase Bank this week. Trustee Merced moved that all income received from jams or events need to be deposited into the bank within two weeks from the event and emails sent to board officers. The motion was seconded by President Kallman and passed unanimously.
 Two mailed in memberships, one family and one individual, were given to Trustee Merced by President Kallman for membership enrollment.
 Treasurer Herrera questioned the following expenditures:
1. Constant Contact- Put out our monthly emails. A similar service for a lower fee may be
2. TierraNet- $150 since first of year. Purpose to be investigated.
3. Postal Service- $200. May be postage and post office box rental. Fees to be explored.
4. President Kallman to provide a copy of the bylaws and non-profit documents as requested
by Treasurer Herrera.
Membership Report
 Fourteen previously expired memberships have been renewed since last mailing. There are now 36 active members. An additional twenty-five memberships have expired and another membership mailing is planned.
 Membership Chair Merced requests that all Board members renew via the website and not pass money among each other. It also serves as a way to test PayPal.
Old Business
 Las Vegas Blues Society web designer, Garrett Hampton, is back in town, has contacted President Kallman, and has expressed an interest to be involved. President Kallman is meeting with him this Friday, October 16, 2015, and he will be invited to attend future board meetings.
New Business
 Jam at Sand Dollar November 13, 2015 at 9:00 pm- Theme-“We Ain’t Superstitious”-Band will be Michael Jackson and the Big Block Band. There will be drink specials- $3.00 Pabst and $4.00 well drinks for card-carrying Blues Society members. Trustees Tina Merced and Patrick Herrera will not be able to attend. Membership drive with t-shirts and cards will be available that night. President Kallman to create a Facebook event using a slide he designed.
 A Thanksgiving jam and dinner was not deemed feasible because of it being so close to the Sand Dollar jam. A Christmas dinner and jam at Legends was discussed as a possibility with a $10 cover charge and $400.00 offered band fee was discussed for December 18th or 19th.
 Miscellaneous:
1. Bobby Kingston resignation- Treasurer Herrera presented a statement by Bobby Kingston that he would reconsider his venue for jams and his service as a board member if the “climate of the board changed.” Treasurer Herrera feels that Bobby Kingston has been a great friend to the Blues Society and consideration should be given to returning the jam to his venue. Furthermore, Treasurer Herrera asked for President Kallman’s resignation.
2. Jam band fee has always been $400 and we should enforce that in the future. We had been getting $250 at Saddle and Spurs even though attendance has been down.
3. There are no jams planned past the Sand Dollar jam and no other venues established.
4. Conflict of interest was discussed and the need to show no allegiance to any particular venue or band.
5. The Las Vegas Blues Society jam should be the premiere jam in Las Vegas, but it is not.
Meeting adjourned at 8:43 pm.

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September 2015 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 8:20 pm by President Jeff Kallman.
PRESENT: Jeff Kallman (president), Marcia Frank (secretary), Patrick Herrera (treasurer), Tina Merced (membership), Trustees: Mike Erickson, Gene Anderson, Patty Laird, Pat Bear, Z Lipsky. Guest and member: Dick Earl Ericksen.
ABSENT: Trustees: Barbara Gress, Rockin’ Billy Gress, Dennis (Monk) Andraccio, Bobby Kingston.
 The minutes of the August 3, 2015 Board meeting were approved unanimously.
 Las Vegas Blues Society funds total $595.10. A summary of Blues Society funds was distributed by Treasurer Herrera and noticed that the Society is losing approximately $70 per month. We are spending more than is coming in and it anticipated that we will be broke by the middle of next year.
 Trustee Merced reports that the membership is also sliding with 70 members at the beginning of the year, 50 at the beginning of the month with 20 memberships expiring this month. No renewal letters to be sent until it is determined that the website and PayPal are accurate.
 It is unclear whether we are receiving the funds from PayPal. We have to request transfer. President Kallman is to check on PayPal transfer.
 Website: Stacy (last name unknown) has been working on the website. Some data has been updated i.e. secretary information and banner pictures but the other data i.e. minutes, bands, venues is dated. Stacy will be invited to attend next board meeting and offered a free membership. Emails seem to be received by intended officers. Web site domain has been paid for three years in advance but is not owned by Las Vegas Blues Society.
 Jams: The monthly jam at Saddle and Spurs is going well.
 Venues: The search for new venues continues. President Kallman and Trustee Pat Laird have and will continue to visit possible future venues. The Artifice was not willing to pay our band prices. Sand Dollar, Red Label, Dispensary, City Bar, Bounty Hunter, 7777 Bar on Sahara were all discussed. A viable home, like the Cellar last year, is needed to generate income.
 The Pigs for Kids event is not occurring because of no feedback from the organizers.
 Thanksgiving party and jam: Legends Bar was mentioned as a possible venue for a jam and dinner the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Mike, the owner, is an excellent cook.
 Christmas Event: The Bounty Hunter is a possible venue for an event to be held on the Saturday night before Christmas.
 Youth outreach: Blues Society member, touring professional, and educator Dick Earl Ericksen is interested in working with the school system by introducing blues to the students similar to the Blues in Schools offered through the Blues Foundation. Introductions will be made to Mark Medina and Russ Bird.
Meeting adjourned at 8:13 pm.

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August 2015 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:32 pm by President Jeff Kallman
PRESENT: Jeff Kallman (president), Marcia Frank (secretary), Patrick Herrera (treasurer), Trustees: Mike Erickson, Barbara Gress, Rockin’ Billy Gress, Patty Laird, Tina Merced
ABSENT: Trustees: Gene Anderson (proxy held by President Kallman), Dennis (Monk) Andraccio, Pat Bear, Bobby Kingston, Z Lipsky
 The July minutes were not available due to a voice recorder malfunction but will be available for August.
 Las Vegas Blues Society funds total $710.00.
 The problems with the website, emails, and PayPal are being worked on by volunteer Stacey.
 Nevada Barbeque Association is requesting the Society’s involvement in the Pigs for Kids fundraiser for children’s cancer. They want to utilize a blues band and will provide an honorarium. Media coverage is expected. Event is to be held late September or October at a north side park.
 Plans are being formulated for one or two membership mixers at either the Hideaway, the Bounty Hunter, or the re-opened, centrally located Sand Dollar. President Kallman is meeting with the new owners on Thursday, August 6, 2015 to explore the possibility of the Sand Dollar hosting future Society jams.
 There is no new business.
Meeting adjourned at 7:43 pm.

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