April 2015 Meeting Minutes


12 APRIL 2015

Present: Jeff Kallman (president); Gene Anderson, Barbara Gress, Rockin’ Billy Gress, Bobby Kingston, Patty Laird, Z Lipsky.


The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m.




For the third consecutive month there are no minutes to the previous meeting. President

Kallman advises the board there will be a treasurer’s report forthcoming because Treasurer

Herrera is absent preparing for a music gig.




Blues Society T-Shirt Redesign


Trustee Barbara Gress says the new logo’s design, based on the Welcome to Fabulous Las

Vegas sign, will be a five-colour design. She also says we need to get going on ordering as

soon as possible because the Society is out of large and extra-large size T-shirts.


Trustee Anderson says the Society has all sizes except those two available. Trustee Gress

says the Society will need to think about ordering approximately twelve dozen shirts with

the new design to make it economically feasible. She also says one goal is to make shirts

available for sale at Society events as well.


Trustee Lipsky questions the change in logo, but Trustee Gress says the Society would order

no more than 144 shirts with the new logo and, if it doesn’t catch on, the Society would return

to the “classic” logo.



Ribfest Update


President Kallman tells the Board he was informed by Trustee Merced that she has a large,

four-pole canvas-type overhang to use as a Society booth at Ribfest in June. He also advises

that he will be in contact with the Ribfest organisers for updates on the event’s music and

arrangements. (Member band Monk & the Po Boys are volunteering their music services

as part of the event.)





Big Blues Bender


Trustee Rockin Billy Gress says Trustee Andraccio (Monk) informed him there should not be

any problem about the Society having a table with T-shirts and membership forms at the

Big Blues Bender festival.


President Kallman relates Trustee Merced’s information that the Bender is not, through this

meeting, offering discounted packages to Las Vegas locals wishing to attend. Trustee Barbara

Gress reminds the Board that position could change between now and the week of the




Time of LVBS Jams at SNS Saloon


Trustee Barbara Gress asks if Society jams at SNS Saloon can be held at 3 p.m. on the first

Sunday of the month instead of the current 7 p.m. start time.


Trustee Kingston, owner/proprietor of SNS Saloon as well, agrees to the new 3 p.m. start

time for Society-sponsored jams on the first Sunday of the month beginning with the 3 May

Society jam.




The meeting adjourned at 5:56 p.m.

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