Band Membership

Dear Band Leaders, Band Managers, and agents:

Recently, the Las Vegas Blues Society revised its website and we are now offering a great advertising incentive to local bands. Join the Blues Society as a local band and we will include your band pic or band logo as well as a link to your website!

Our website receives thousands of hits per month as well as a readership of over 2,000 blues fans who either live in Las Vegas or visit here looking for local live music. For only $50 per year, your band will receive 24 – 7 advertising. Compared to other advertisers, you will receive an ad for the WHOLE YEAR as opposed to just one month!

Your membership will also help fund our Musicians Emergency Relief Fund and our school based music assistance fund. Be a “community minded” band and join the Las Vegas Blues Society now!

Be one of the first to take advantage of a great advertising opportunity and a chance to be involved in helping your community at the same time.

How to join? Just go to our website and click onto the ‘become a member’ membership link. Choose band membership and be sure to contact one of our board members so that we can add your photo, website link and other info to our website! That’s all there is to it!

We look forward to your participation!

Yours truly,

Jeff Kallman, President
Tina Merced, Membership Chair

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Mike Erickson (President); Jeff Kallman (Secretary); Kurt Gepke (Treasurer); Dennis (Monk) Andraccio, Pat Bear, Garret Hampton, Patty Laird, Mark Medina, Tina Merced, Robert Smera (Trustees)

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 p.m.


A) The minutes for the Las Vegas Blues Society Board of Trustees meeting of 1 April
2014 were approved unanimously.


A) Treasurer Gepke reports the Society has, as of this meeting, $245 cash, $189.26 in the Society checking account, $726.45 in the Musicians Emergency Relief Fund
(MERF), $704.12 in the Julius E. Funches Memorial Fund, and $72.45 in the Society Pay Pal account. The aggregate total is $1,937.28.

B) Trustee Merced reported in hand that the Society now has 98 active members.

C) The Treasurer’s Report is approved unanimously.


A) Carol Nashe Tribute

1) President Erickson says he’s been in touch with another member of Blues Storm
and the band itself is in favour of doing such a tribute, but it can’t be done until at
least mid-June because various members of the band will be gigging in California
until then. And the band could be paid out of the MERF fund with donations taken
at the door.

B) Blues Society functions

1) President Erickson and Secretary Kallman report several venues continue to shy from
paying the standard Society fee for events like Society jams. President Erickson says
Shifty’s is willing to pay for such a function and Trustee Andraccio is continuing to
talk to Shifty’s about the matter.

2) Other possibilities as of tonight include the Bounty Hunter, Pandora’s, and Saddle ‘n’
Spurs now that Bobby Kingston is going to take over.


A) Website

1) The new Calendar now has two ways to update, the original spreadsheet style
and the new highlighted events.

2) Trustee Medina says the site needs to include a mechanism to allow local bands
to join the Society as bands, receiving their pictures on site and links to their own
Websites. He also calls for getting contacts among the local bands to encourage
their joining the Society as bands.

3) Secretary Kallman will handle the spreadsheet Calendar for local performers and
Trustee Merced will handle the higlighted site Calendar for nationally touring

4) Trustee Medina will create a form letter for band memberships.

B) Collaboration with Las Vegas Jam Band Society

1) The Board agrees to a tentative collaboration with the Las Vegas Jam Band Society
unanimously, pending further details on the project.


1) The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

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