MINUTES of the Las Vegas Blues Society Board of Trustees, 2 October 2013

Minutes of the Las Vegas Blues Society Board of Trustees Meeting

2 October 2013

Present: Mike Erickson (President); Jeff Kallman (Secretary); Tina Merced, Pat Bearden (trustees); proxies—President Erickson for Kurt Gepke (Treasurer), Mark Medina (trustee).

I) Call to Order

    A) The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

II) Treasurer’s Report

   A) Treasurer Gepke’s report indicates $2,274.01 in the Society

       checking account; $235.04 in the Musician’s Emergency Relief

       Fund (MERF) account; aggregate total: $2509.05. There is also

       $48.30 in the Society’s PayPal account, with an available balance

       of $24.15.


I) From Scholarship to Memorial Fund

   A) Secretary Kallman moved to rescind his previously approved motion

       to rename the LVBS’s blues scholarship after the late Julius E.

       Funches; and, to re-designate a Julius E. Funches Memorial Fund,

       whose contributions and monies can and will be disbursed as

       needed or warranted by vote of the Board. Such monies can be

       disbursed not only toward a blues scholarship but schools’ music

       supplies and equipment.

   B) President Erickson notes the Society already has $500 in the original

       scholarship program, and that—under the new motion—that $500 can

       be moved to the new memorial fund as a foundation. (He notes Julius

       Funches himself was involved in music in the schools while he worked

       for the Clark County School District.)

   C) The new motion is approved unanimously.


I) Las Vegas Blues Society T-Shirts

  A) President Erickson moves to authorise Treasurer Gepke to pay for more

  Society T-Shirts when Trustee Barbra Brannen orders them.

  B) The motion is approved unanimously.

II) Discussion of Society-logoed Merchandise Sales

   A) Trustee Merced says coffee mugs, cell phone cases, and martini glasses

        looked to be the early favourites.

   B) Secretary Kallman suggests spending another month continuing to offer

        the original items obtained by Trustee Brannen to see which prove the most

        popular offerings long range.

   C) The Board agrees informally to continue monitoring merchandise sales at

        coming events.

III) Membership Mixer Meeting

   A) The Board agrees to conduct the next general membership mixer at 9 p.m.

        18 October at the Cellar Lounge, West Sahara Ave. This will be a meet-and-

        greet between the Board and the general membership, and the general

        membership among each other, an hour before the Society’s 18 October

        open blues jam with the Bunkhouse Blues Band.

IV) Adjournment

     A) The Board adjourned the meeting at 7:36 p.m. The next Board of Trustees

          meeting will be held Tuesday, 5 November 2013.

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